I started making grape wine in September of 2006.  I have found it impossible to find good full winemaking notes anywhere on the web.  It is my goal to fill that gap.  Every wine I make will have full notes on the web including photos, step by step.  You will see all my mistakes and my success (hopefully there will be a few).  This website by no means is intended to be absolutly correct - it simply describes what I have done and how it has worked out in my opinion.  The one thing I have definetly learned is that there is no correct way to make wine.  It is all subjective.  There are simply basic guidelines/parameters that can be roughly followed..

Noble Hound News

     A public forum has been added for any and all winemaking questions.
    [10/01/2007] Notes now available for 2007 Merlot and Cabernet S.
    [10/14/2007] Notes now available for 2007 Pinot Noir, Gamay Beaujolais, and Pinot Gris.
    [10/24/2007] Notes now available for 2007 Cabernet Franc!

Books I have
Home Winemaking Step by Step by Jon Iverson
I think this is the best overall home winemaking book.  If you only buy one book - buy this one.

Winery Technology & Operations A Handbook for Small Wineries b Dr. Yair Margalit
Somewhat interesting, but not necessary

Wine Analysis and Production by Zoecklein, Fugelsang, Gump, and Nury
Way over my head on much of the book, but I have picked up a number of things from it.  Expensive.

Magazines I subscribe to

WineMaker Magazine

Wine Making Stores
Mainbrew, Hillsboro OR

Coming soon

     Step by step photo notes for testing methods.  Things like how to test PH, TA, BRIX, etc.

     Links to places to buy any equipment described on this website.

     Links to places to buy wine grapes - fresh and/or frozen.


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