Equipment I have / use

  1. Crusher / de-stemmer (I rent this or have producer do it for you when I pickup grapes)
  2. Fermenter with lid
  3. Hydrometer
  4. Floating thermometer
  5. Stainless steel spoon (at least 18 inches in length is ideal)
  6. Wine press (I rent this from local winemaking store)
  7. Glass carboys, jugs, bottles
  8. Rubber stoppers, airlocks, and caps
  9. Measuring spoons (1/8 tsp, 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tbsp)
  10. Liquid measuring syringe or dropper ( sub milliliter scale)
  11. Accurate digital scale (accurate to 0.1 gram)
  12. A few small beakers and flasks
  13. Turkey baster or wine-thief
  14. At least one funnel
  15. Fine stainless steel strainer
  16. Hand siphon
  17. Surgical Tubing for siphon and funnels
  18. Long thing plastic or stainless steel spoon for stirring lees for MLF
  19. A set of various size beakers
  20. Digital PH Tester (precision 0.01, accurate to +/- 0.05)

Equipment that I would like to get

  1. An extra refridgerator large enought for a 6 gallon carboy with stopper and airlock (for cold stabiliaztion)

Required chemicals

  1. Meta (sulfite)
  2. Yeast (many types - pick which you like)
  3. Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) (yeast nutrient)
  4. tartaric acid (if acid level is too low)
  5. calcium carbonate (if acid level is too high)
  6. distilled water
Other Additives
  1. Malolatic starter culture
  2. Leucofood (MLF nutrient)
  3. Pectic enzyme
  4. Lysozome (to prevent MLF)